Here’s something you haven’t seen yet

June 7, 2007

I recently did a commercial job for a company called Eco Eternity.  It is a concept that has been around for quite a while in Europe and Korea and is just emerging in the US.  It is basically an alternative to the traditional burial plot in a cemetery.  The company leases parts of mature and pristine forests and you can designate a tree for your family.  When the time comes, your ashes will be interred in a biodegradable container near the base of your tree, and a marker placed on the tree. The trees are not only marked, but GPS locatable for future family visits.

They don’t just use any trees either, trees have to meet certain requirements to be offered based on size and species, and each forrest location has a professional forester to help with the process.  Each forest is designed to be more of a nature hike than a resting place, so that family can return for many years to enjoy the nature and reflect on loved ones.

This concept serves several purposes.  First it offers a middle ground between traditional burial and traditional cremation.  Second, it gives family members a place to return should they choose, third, it preserves mature forests from development or logging.  There are currently two forests in the US.  One in NC and one in VA with more expected next year.

The goal is to keep the space as natural as it was found, therefore floral arrangements are not allowed.  It is encouraged to plant wildflower seeds that are native to each area.

One Response to “Here’s something you haven’t seen yet”

  1. Very cool! I am definitely doing this, hopefully I have plenty of time until I need it though! 🙂


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