I’m a bad bowler

June 4, 2007

I don’t really watch the news or pay attention to the weather report.  I figure mother nature is going to do what she’s gonna do and it’s up to me to work with that.  Well apparently we got a tropical storm yesterday which dumped bucket loads of rain which was sorely needed.  The only problem was we had planned to take Will to the pool.  When you tell a three year old you are going to do something on a certain day, I can give you one piece of advice:  They are old enough to remember it, but not old enough to understand that circumstances have changed and therefore you can’t do what you said, when you said you would.

Long story short, we ended up at the bowling ally for some family fun.  I can honestly say that it is a blast bowling with a three year old.  For one, you get the bumpers up so never another gutter ball.  The second is you get that little ramp thing that you get to aim and the kid rolls the ball down and then of course you wait an eternity for the ball to make contact with the pins, but it’s fun!

Will beat Meridith and I both.  Not by a little bit either, his score was almost double mine, and substantially above Meridith’s.  I’m going to start using the ramp and a tiny six pound ball and see if I improve.  I’ll look kinda stupid though, but that’s okay, I’m already wearing goofy looking shoes right?

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