Brooke’s Bridal

April 14, 2007

It’s kind of rare that I post bridals because of the “no one can see it before the wedding” thing. I usually shoot way before the wedding and then by the time the wedding has happened I totally forget to put them on the blog.

By the time this is posted, Brooke will be walking down the aisle in Pinehurst and We’ll be shooting every second of it. This session happened in Airlie Gardens in Wilmington and I’ve never seen so many flowers in my life.

The session weighed in on the more traditional side which is what Brooke asked for with the garden setting, though I did do a few super cool looking infra red images (those are the black and white ones) I love how creepy the infra red makes the big oak trees look.

2 Responses to “Brooke’s Bridal”

  1. Anne said

    I love the choice of infrared here – perfect! What a beautiful bride 😉

  2. Alette said

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous, beautiful bride and the infrared photos are just great. Very good choice to do it like that, it gives them a creepy look 🙂


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