Old Photos

April 12, 2007

Meridith has been spending some time getting her Grandfather’s house in order and has found hundreds of great old photos.  Her Grandparents lived in the house for over fifty years and as you can imagine, there are fifty years of memories there.

In the many photos she has found, most are black and white and in fairly good condition.  Some are faded, and some are damaged from being placed behind glass at one time.  Meridith can identify most of the people in the photos, but it’s really cool to see them in different surroundings to see how the neighborhood has changed, and just what things looked like long ago.

It makes me think of all of the digital images we all have of our families and special occasions that are neatly tucked away on computer hard drives and CDs that our children and grandchildren will never get to see because they never were made into prints.  In fifty years people will look at a CD and wonder how we ever managed to get by with such primitive technology.

3 Responses to “Old Photos”

  1. Ashleigh said

    Hi Walters Family,
    Wow, fifty years of photos and they look fabulous. Photography must run in your DNA. When you come across an old photos like these does not just give you a “warm fuzzie”? Its like finding a million bucks!(smile)

  2. Alette said

    I recently got lots of old photos my mom gave me. She knew lots of stories and names and I wrote it all down. Just wonderful to see how they lived back then. It is a true treasure


  3. Meridith W. said

    Hi Ashleigh & Alette, thank you for your comments.
    Oh, this has been such a treasure hunt! I just found a random bag of prints in the bottom of a closet in my grandparents home. It contained early photos of my great grandparents and images of my grandfather as a young boy mixed with photos of me as a child! There are so many images that I’ve never seen before. I’m sorting them out now and hoping to get the stories behind them all. I feel like a detective!

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