Congratulations to Annemarie & Jeff!

March 29, 2007

We photographed their wedding in Wilmington last October and their wedding was selected as a feature in the latest issue of Weddings Unveiled Magazine.  How cool to open up a magazine and see yourself on a full page!

3 Responses to “Congratulations to Annemarie & Jeff!”

  1. Congratulations! We loved it and give a copy to brides visiting our salon. In fact, we just called for a second shipment. They’re on their way. The pictures were fabulous and a 4 page spread!! Can we put this on our web site, PLEASE?

    Heather and Tonya
    A Carolina Wedding

  2. Meredith and James,
    Thank you so much for submitting our photos….we are so excited about this. You have given us another beautiful memento of our wedding day. Your work speaks for itself and we love referring you to our friends. Cheers to a great 2006 and an even better 2007!

    Annemarie & Jeff

  3. getthelook said

    Thanks so much you guys! The wedding was amazing and you two and your families had such great energy. We do look forward to seeing you both often when we are in Wilmington.

    James & Meridith

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