Back to the beach!

March 16, 2007

We’re out of the studio this weekend and headed to the beach for a couple of portrait sessions.  We were there last weekend and the weather was amazing!  Meridith and Will and I walked the beach for a long time just enjoying the breeze and the weather.  I was getting facinated with the shards of colorful shells along the water line and decided to do a little color study.  I  began picking up the most colorful bits and pieces I could.  For the east coast, these are pretty colorful.

I never look for perfect shells or shells with pretty shapes.  Mostly because the people who wake up earlier than I do get those, and second, because complete shells aren’t that much more interesting.  These little shards have great patterns and textures and some display great color.  We’ll be back This weekend and I have something different in mind that I’ll share next week.

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