Nicole & Kent’s *E* Session

January 26, 2007

I’m back from the West coast with much to share, but not all at once.  I shot Nicole and Kent’s wedding on Saturday and we actually did this session the day after.  They went with a vintage inspired theme for both their wedding and *E* Session which made it all the more fun.  I just love it when clients get involved in the look and style of the photo shoot.

We walked along the San Diego waterfront and found some outstanding locations to shoot.  We ended up at the hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island and were treated to a beautiful sunset.

6 Responses to “Nicole & Kent’s *E* Session”

  1. Cory Ann said

    I really like the whole theme of this shoot. And I love that first image! Your bride has great taste I love the outfit.

  2. Dawn said

    Wow, these are great! Love what they wore.

  3. lindsey said

    these are absolutely gorgeous! i’m so jealous that you have such creative couple to photograph. very nicely done.

  4. Mary said

    Lovely! I really like the whole concept. I, like Cory Ann, love her outfit. Where did she get it? I feel like I am living in the 40’s!!

  5. amazing!!! my clients are so 2007. you brought so much more character to this session. great job!

  6. Anne said


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