Free Advice

January 10, 2007

This is advice for those who are not yet married.  Meridith and I recently photographed a beautiful wedding in a beautiful church. We had worked at this church before and knew the rules for photography were very strict. The rule was that only one photograph is allowed to be taken during the entire ceremony. What a tragedy! The lady in charge of making sure we knew this rule was quite diligent in reminding us of this rule throughout the beginning of the day.

Well, rules are rules and we don’t want to break the rules.  I also knew that this person would be listening out for us and possibly making note of any camera clicks during the ceremony. As I sat there crouched in the balcony waiting for an opportune moment to shoot, I was thinking that all I needed was for someone to sneeze, or play loud music. Then I could shoot a few frames without fear of getting pulled out by my ear. The last time I was at that church I remembered there being a lot of music which made it easier to camouflage the camera sound (which is not loud at all)

Most places of worship have a few reasonable rules regarding photography. It must stay in the back or balcony, no flash, (who would dare do that?) and that’s usually it. For places where they go above and beyond the basics, my advice is to be sure you know about it and talk with us so that we can figure out a way to very discretely get the photos that are most important.

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