We want your suggestions

December 29, 2006

Meridith and I are pretty tough on our equipment. We shoot a lot and cameras being mechanical they tend to fail after a while. We typically get a year and a half out of a camera before it either needs some major repair or total replacement. We have one such camera and want your suggestion to help us transform it into something creative and artistic. Perhaps incorporate it into some type of sculpture, or display it in a way that will make it more interesting than the paper weight it is currently.

Here is a photo of the camera, Leave a comment below and let us know what you think would be fun to do with it.

4 Responses to “We want your suggestions”

  1. getthelook said

    Surely someone can think of something!

  2. Chenin said

    Hey James!
    You could always send it to Vince to include in his Cathedral of Junk! He’s always looking for donations and this one would be so meaningful!

  3. Casey Sussman said

    Hello James & Meridith!!!

    I thought of some ideas for you.

    Empty out the center, but it in a fish-tank for a goldfish to swim through.
    Spray-paint it neon yellow and give it to your son to play with.
    And last but not least… take it apart, glue it back together, out of order and show is as a sculpture.

  4. Cory Ann said

    The Cathedral of Junk is a good idea.

    Soap dish.
    Clock, put a face in the lens area.
    bud vase
    dixie cup holder
    key or jewelry tray
    base for a lamp
    candle holder

    Ok I’m out of ideas.

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