Audrey & Justin- Charlotte, NC

December 18, 2006

What a great day to be in Charlotte.  Meridith and I started out at the Omni with the ladies and worked our way to the Chapel.  Before the ceremony, Audrey stayed hidden in the balcony while Justin stayed cool and calm at the other end of the chapel.  We all ended up on the trolley and then to the Vanlandingham Estate for a dancing good time.

When the party was done, and then when the after party was done,  Meridith and I went back to our room to find a very cool gift basket from Audrey and Justin.  It was filled with things you can only find in North and South Carolina,  There were some mighty tasty treats, (so Meridith tells me) The Barbeque sauce is amazing as were the sodas.

I love the motion in this image, it’s dreamy.

Audrey was brought in under the cloak.

This was on the DJ’s table, funny story there, apparently people like to call Justin “Jason”

One Response to “Audrey & Justin- Charlotte, NC”

  1. Clark said

    Great stuff James and Meredith. Love the BIG images!

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