The Cathedral of Junk

December 1, 2006

I was in Austin TX this week and had a blast (more photos soon) Our group paid a visit to the Cathedral of Junk. It’s a pretty huge understatement to say that this place is unique. It’s a 20 year work of art in progress and a big, I mean really big pile of junk. To walk into a back yard in a residential neighborhood and see this large structure, and to be able to walk around inside and on top of this “building” was incredible. It actually had rooms, stairs and believe it or not was pretty darn sturdy. The design and use of the junk that made up the structure was very well thought out and my hat is off to the artist!

Every imaginable material and discarded object was there, watches, bottle caps, hub caps, thousands of those CDs that AOL use to send people in the mail. some areas were like a trip back in time with old toys I remember from childhood to nameplates from car models I had never heard of.

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